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Headingley & Leeds Acupuncture What Is Acupuncture ?

Acupuncture is an ancient method of treatment developed in the East which has been practised for thousands of years.

Ancient system of Acupuncture

DIAGNOSIS. An holistic approach.

In determining the pattern of disharmony, the acupuncturist needs a detailed understanding of the patient's lifestyle, diet, work, medical history, emotional states, etc. The diagnosis includes questioning, observation and examination.  The physician is not looking for symptoms in isolation, rather, how they combine to form a whole picture.



Acupuncture in action

ACUPUNCTURE is a system of medicine where fine needles are inserted under the skin in order to treat a problem or disease. This is a relatively painless and gentle form of medicine and is carried out by sterile procedure.

Acupuncture in action


NO DRUGS ARE USED. There are no side effects and nothing is injected into the skin. The needles used are very fine, the thickness of a few strands of hair.



  Acupuncture in action DISPOSABLE NEEDLES ensure sterile procedure. CMA logo  


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Acupuncture Home Visits
If you would feel more comfortable being treated at home, or if you cannot get to a treatment centre, Headingley & Leeds Acupuncture can come to you.
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