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Headingley & Leeds Acupuncture Testimonials : Respiratory

Marc: Stopping Smoking
I went to Therese to help stop smoking it was Fantastic from 20 a day i droped to 2 it was so effetive Therse is really good she also has helped me with other health problems i now eat better than i have done for a long time [gained 7 lbs] in 4 weeks i sleep better she is great no pain just a nice relaixed feeling i have recomened Therese to freinds i am still undergoing treatment but have come a long way in such a short time with her help and advice all i can say is Thank You so much i have not felt so good for a long time

Stella: Respiratory
I am twenty- seven years old, I work part-time for a local charity as a project manager, and I am also studying full-time on a master’s programme.
As a very busy person, I try hard to give my best to my work and commitments, and I expect the same from anyone I do business with. I first visited Therese for acupuncture treatment in 2009 and I have found her work and customer service of the highest standard every time I visit her. In addition I have found that she has always been very honest about the level of treatment needed regardless of whether it were more or less profitable for her.

Before I visited Therese I had never been for acupuncture treatment before. However, I decided to try alternative medicine because I had had a very bothersome cold/congestion and sinus trouble for several months which wasn’t helped by anything else I had tried or considered an important problem by my GP. At that point I was almost never able to breathe through my nose, frequently had a sore throat and a nagging cough caused by nasal drip, and often had sore eyes, headaches and achy ears. In addition I have a history of respiratory problems which are aggravated by sinus and nasal congestion, so periodically due to this congestion I would develop a more serious cough in my lungs and experience long spells of tight-chestedness and asthma symptoms. When O went to Therese I was trying to improve my health by regular jogging, but I was finding this difficult because I felt constantly tired, and it seemed as if I was catching every minor illness that went round the office.

Therese undertook a very detailed consultation with me, making sure to understand all the different aspects of my health including those which I may not have initially considered relevant to the problem I wanted to address. This a real concern for my holistic health, and the treatment provided also addressed my health as a whole rather than simply providing a “quick fix” for certain symptoms. Therese used acupuncture points for my immune system and energy levels in addition to others directly related to my respiratory and sinus problems, as well as sometimes using points for calm or anti-stress when appropriate. During the first treatment, which was less intensive in order to introduce me to the experience of acupuncture, I was amazed to feel that I could breathe through my nose for the first time in months! For the next few months I came for regular treatment and experienced many benefits which increased as treatment continued, such as improved energy levels, consistent improvement in my sinus and respiratory health, less frequent cold or minor viruses, better ability to concentrate at work, relief from stress and a general feeling of well being. Therese even treated the pain from my bunion on my right foot as well”. After a period of regular treatment, Therese told me that I didn’t need to come as often any more, and we have gradually reduced the frequency of my visits to simply coming on an ad hoc basis now when I feel a treatment would benefit me. However, the effects of acupuncture treatment with Therese have been long-lasting., as I no longer catch minor illnesses easily (in fact it is some time since I’ve had a cold at all), and I rarely experience nasal, sinus and respiratory problems as I did before – certainly not of the same intensity or frequency as in the past. Looking back at the stress I’ve put myself under during the past year by studying full time, working part- time and volunteering, I am amazed that I have been able to accomplish these commitments without experiencing a dramatic “crash” in my health like I used to regularly in previous years when under stress. Treatment with Therese has certainly been a big factor in improving my health and enjoying the benefits of steady well-being.

I feel that acupuncture treatment has had benefits for me far beyond what I initially hoped: these have been dramatic and long-lasting. I have enthusiastically recommended treatment to many friends and family members – urging those who live in Leeds to visit Therese Main without hesitation – and I would continue to recommend treatment with her at Headingley Acupuncture wholeheartedly.

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