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Headingley & Leeds Acupuncture Testimonials : Pain

There are many types of pain and fortunately Headingley & Leeds Acupuncture can help.

Sally: Back pain / migraine
I must admit I was rather sceptical when I originally went to see Therese around three years ago, but after having a year of back pain I was quite despondent and was willing to give everything a try. Therese put me at ease and seemed genuinely interested in my problem, she listened to me and explained the whole process. I felt she had an excellent understanding of her work and how to apply it to relieve pain. I can honestly say that I felt a great improvement even after my first session. I have since been back to Therese as I started to have problems with migraine which would literally wipe me of my feet for a couple of days at a time, I am also delighted to say I no longer suffer with migraines. I have recommended Therese to a few other people who have all had brilliant results.

Patrick: Back Pain
I went to Headinley accupuncture as i suffered from long term lower back pain and found amazing relief after just two sessions, would highly recommend. Thank you very very much

Anna: Neuralgia (nerve pain)
Thanks Therese for sorting out the terrible neuralgia I've been suffering from, acupunture certainly helped. Well done and thanks. Have recommended you to numerous friends and acquaintances.

Margaret: Leg pain/ Energy/ Stress
I have been visiting Therese Maini at Headingley Acupuncture for the past twelve months. I had been experiencing leg pain and after a consultation with Therese it was agreed that I would attend on a weekly basis to receive Acupuncture for a ten week course. At the end of the course there was a marked improvement but I also received benefits from the Acupuncture treatment in other areas. I now have more energy and I deal with stressful situations in a calmer and relaxed manner.

I still visit Therese but on a monthly basis as I have found that the benefits from Acupuncture are contributing to my general wellbeing. We have a talk before my treatment and any small health or wellbeing issues are dealt with at that visit. The treatment is not painful and importantly for me it means that I do not have to take over the counter medicines.

Maria: Pain
I have had treatments from Therese several times over the last few years for various injuries which I have found very effective, especially with pain control. I would heartily recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture.

Robert: Pain
Therese is friendly and focused, but most of all she is effective. Instant pain relief! I'll certainly go back.

I have known Therese for a long time and have been impressed by how hard she has worked, first in her studies in Chinese Medicine and accupunture, but also to build her accupuncture practice. I have been a client of her practice since she qualified as a practitioner and I have always had confidence in her ability and the results she achieves. She is the only western practitioner that I trust to treat me. She has always been accurate in her diagnosis and her treatment has always achieved results. I am very happy to recommend her and to provide this testamonial.

Therese is a fantastic acupuncturist. I was skeptical with this alternative therapy and thought I'd give it a go with an open mind. When one needle was put in my leg, which created a full rush of blood as if it cleared a blocked passage, the skepticism quickly passed away! Therese puts you at ease and carries out a very informative interview first to ensure what she does can try to relieve your issues. She is kind, considerate and I've been very impressed with her professional attitude. She comes highly recommended as practitioners like her are very hard to come by. You won't be disappointed!

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