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Headingley & Leeds Acupuncture Testimonials : Other

Abi: MS
I have been receiving acupuncture now for a few years with great effect. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) therefore it benefits me in many different ways. When I first commenced having acupuncture I was on a lot of medication for nerve pain however through acupuncture I have been able to stop taking all of my medication. I get a lot of pain due to my MS which is mainly leg pain which acupuncture eases. Also my balance can be affected at times which acupuncture also helps. Other things that acupuncture helps me with are low mood, anxiety, bladder problems, sleeping problems and IBS.

Fatima: Eczema
Am really impressed by the way acupuncure with therese gets to my condition directly and even sorted out conditions I never realized were out of sync. Sessions took away infection, pain and soreness from a stress related condition of excema that has only been helped by steroids in the past, even anti biotic creams had stopped being effective. This was the primary reason for booking some treatments. It has also sorted out sleep patterns and energy levels. Perfect results for a massively busy woman. Thanks. Well worth trip and money.

Karen: Hair
"I started acupuncture 7 years ago for alopecia (hair loss), following the usual standard treatment of steroid locations (as prescribed by my GP).
Within a few weeks of treatment commencing I found that the rate of hair loss slowed down and soon after, new hair began to re-grow.
I have continued to have acupuncture for this condition as required and have found it an excellent way both to manage the symptoms and also improve my general health and well being. Therese really takes the time to understand her patients and ensure the harmony of body and mind, whilst being friendly and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this approach to ensuring One's health and well-being"

Beryl: Diarrhoea
I am a retired freelance secretary/pa/administrator with interests in gardening, stitching, historical buildings and gardens.

When I first visited Therese Maini at Headingley Acupuncture I was quite ill with various problems, one of which was prolonged stays in the bathroom! Things had got so bad that I was not able to go out, was scared to eat or drink anything in case there was “another” visit to the bathroom, in addition there was a tremendous amount of weight lost. Medical people had given me the “all clear” but I was still ill with no end to the misery in sight. A relative suggested that acupuncture might be worth trying and discovered that Headingley Acunpuncture was within travelling distance for me.

At the first visit Therese discussed with me all that had happened along with my health history, life style and family. Some of this I found quite difficult to deal with but Therese was very gentle, supportive and kindness itself. This frank discussion was needed in order for her to diagnose and recommend solutions. It meant changing eating patterns and avoiding certain foods – so simple. These changes along with the acupuncture treatment have worked wonders.

Recently I’ve had a bone broken in my foot and a broken shoulder, acupuncture has also helped with both the healing process and pain.

I don’t fully understand exactly how acupuncture works but only know that it does. I would certainly recommend anyone to acupuncture treatment and cannot praise Therese Maini enough for her professionalism and care.

Thank you Therese.

Eric: Hiatus Hernia
On recommendation, I arranged an appointment to see Miss Maini, May 1997, with the hope of curing my Hiatus Hernia.
After taking Antacid tablets for over 10 years varying from Gaviscon to Omeprazole, I decided to seek Alternative Medical advice.
After an in-depth consultation and agreement from my GP, I agreed to wean myself off the drugs combined with a course of Acupuncture and change of diet.
After 4 months I was no longer dependent on these drugs, and eventually gained a full recovery. Miss Maini has also treated me for sports injuries, with excellent results.
She has a soft and positive touch in her needling techniques combined with a warm and friendly manner and perseverance towards her patient’s health.
I would certainly recommend her to my friends and relatives.

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