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Headingley & Leeds Acupuncture Testimonials : Knee Issues

Georges: Knee/ Energy
I am a technical writer for a publishing company in Leeds where we edit and publish documents to a high standard. I went to see Therese Maini of on going knee problem (inflamed bursa) and a general feeling of tiredness. She dealt with me in a very meticulous manner, noting my whole health history before she diagnosed the correct course of action. After several weeks my knee had improved considerably and also my energy levels. I accredit this to Thereseís treatments and have no hesitation in recommending Therese Maini and acupuncture in this matter.

Philip: Knee
In my professional life Iím a technical project manager and both provide and demand high standards of process & delivery in all aspects of the project life cycle. Iím a very demanding customer also.
In my personal life Iím pretty active and particularly enjoy skiing, snow boarding, ski mountaineering, mountaineering, cycling, ice climbing, running & climbing, with the latter two being my day to day activities.
Several years back on an off road marathon I suffered an issue with my knee which saw me crawling on all fours down some hills to the finish line Ė well, I had to finish ! My problem was that after approx 18 miles one of my knees would cause significant pain & prevent me running or even walking.
My GP informed me that I had 3 choices :
1) give up running and impact sports
2) take drugs to dull the pain (and mask other issues !)
3) commit to a knee operation

I found none of these options acceptable & fortunately a friend recommended acupuncture with Therese. Although Iím not very good with needles, (I have to lie down with injections), I considered that if it would work then it would be worth it.
I neednít have had any concerns, Thereseís manner was very relaxing and put me at ease, and being fresh to this type of therapy I found it unusual to be discussing my lifestyle & diet Ė and I hardly noticed the needles. After 3 treatments & some recommended changes to my diet I found that my knee was improving. Several weeks & a few more treatments later found me returning to my normal form. Now I find that a few treatments every couple of years keeps me in check, and also seek treatment when I suffer injuries from my sports.
Therese gave me an alternative option which allowed me to continue to enjoy my activities, yet avoid an operation & drugs. I would recommend acupuncture with Therese Maini very highly.

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